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Your desk is your Lunch Table

Modern day life is complicated. Its busy, its hectic. It's difficult. Your home is your office. Your desk is your lunch table. Sometimes you don't have time to eat lunch forget about cooking one. Are we right?
We do understand that your taste buds are as demanding as your hectic schedule, so we at LetMeCall are constantly working to find new and better ways to make our delicious, all-natural meals available when and where you want them! Therefore, we are pleased to announce that starting from January 15, LetMeCall will be delivering fresh and hygienic lunch tiffin in Fremont! Say no to greasy burgers, it's time to order fresh homemade lip-smacking meals!
We are gearing up to make LetMeCall lunch tiffin available in more locations in the east bay. Please stay tuned for more expansion updates, or sign up to receive a notification when LetMeCall has arrived in your neighborhood!

Introducing Letmecall

Give our service a try, and you will wonder why you ever tolerated basic box lunches or unhealthy fast food to begin with!. Our gifted chefs create fresh and healthy food from scratch, according to a rotating weekly menu, that we can deliver directly to your home or office.This means you will not find yourself in a rut eating the same thing day in and day out. Have a craving? Not to worry, we also reserve a list of customer favorites that are always available for home delivery.
LetMeCall revolutionary urban logistics & on-demand food delivery platform connect customers with local home made chef and deliver it to you door place. LetMeCall is built by a passionate team of engineers, designers, operations and growth specialists, and is based in Fremont, CAWe specialize in group lunch, dinner deliveries and drop off catering! Contact us for more details regarding keeping your office well fed!
We strive to deliver the very best homemade food to our customers.The most convenient food delivery service is not only for the hungry days but also to spend more time with your loved ones. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any auspicious occasion with friends and family by ordering food online from letmecall. We will drop it off right at your doorstep.

Christmas lights with Parathas bites

Early sunsets, frosty mornings and chilly air. Here comes the glorious winter season, sneaking in gradually, catching us by surprise in the Bay Area. Not that we are complaining. In fact, of all the seasons, winter is our favorite and what makes it worthwhile is enjoying chilly evenings with delicious, warm comfort food with family and friends. That's it. Christmas perfection. Parathas, the most versatile dish of all; you can stuff them with different stuffing every time or just cook them plain and simple, they prove to be a complete meal in themselves. Serve them with a spicy curry or thick lentils for Christmas dinner or just gobble them down with sweet curd and tangy pickles next morning.
Nothing makes this holiday season merrier than family gatherings and some hot and delicious comfort food. If you are looking for the perfect parathas, try ordering some from LetMeCall.

What is a Holiday without a Biryani?

Biryani is perhaps the king of all Indian dishes. Festive, delicious and packed with wholesome flavor, it is a true labor of love and it is certainly a befitting recipe for high days and holidays. A layered dish of rice, meat, vegetables and even paneer, it is one meal which is often the star dish at festivities, served with a few flourishes and garnishes to show it off even more. Biryani is a royal dish, most possibly due to the dish bearing a close connection with the royalties. The royals and their folklore have always been a part of Indian tales and we have all grown up listening to these stories, hence we cannot imagine celebrating a holiday without biryani.
The dish besides being a visual treat is also an absolute delight for a foodie's palate. The soft and succulent meat cooked in its own juices with fragrant rice, seasoned with several Indian spices is an epitome of richness and royalty. The thing with biryani is that each recipe is unique and classy. The choices and techniques to cook a biryani are overwhelming as each region of sub-continent has its own preferences for how to cook it and each family also has their own ideas of how to present it. Bring your family together for the holiday season and surprise them with one of the most favorite dishes of all time! At LetmeCall, we drive the same passion for biryani. Our home-chefs use the finest ingredients and expert techniques to deliver flavorsome piping hot Biryanis to your holiday dinner tables! Do try one of our scrumptious biryani's this holiday season and don't forget to rate us!