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Software Development and Support

We provide a platform that utilizes your core systems in a way that reduces dependencies between system components We are leading in application development because of Strong, talented in-house team, Staying up-to-date with the latest technology

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Software Integration

With a broad range of development skills and integration experience we deliver flexible solutions appropriate to the needs of your business. We use effective methodology to ensure processes and tools which improve productivity and prepare for the challenges that have an impact on integration environments.

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SAP Implementation

LetMeCall its vision, is focused on the niche market of IT Services, such as ERP consulting, implementation and support services, specifically, the ERP from SAP AG. Over the years LetMeCall has gained substantial experience in SAP Implementation and Support Services.

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Consultancy Services

At Letmecall, we serve you with end-to-end software consulting and development solutions. We help you plan, conceive, incorporate, build, augment and take care of your software with the help of our industry experts from different knowledge domains - offering you absolute benefits from our expert consulting.

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Web and Application Hosting

Hosted applications are hosted and powered from the remote cloud infrastructure and are accessed globally through the Internet. They provide the same functionality as locally installed software but can be updated more easily.

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Business Process Outsourcing

This will give opportunities to companies to explore skilled talents from the BPO Company and at a lesser cost. The BPO companies can provide flexibility in terms of deliverables, costs, meeting deadlines and implementing technological advancements.

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